Meagan good

Meagan Good Shares Why It’s Important To Help Young Women

Meagan Good joins Tom Bilyeu for an in-depth conversation about her career journey, how to achieve your goals and how she supports other women.

Meagan works with a lot of young women, and in this interview she explains her reasons for doing so, and how she goes about helping them. She also speaks on the most important woman in her world, her mother and inspiration, and shares how her mother has impacted her life journey.

As well as being an insightful interview about Meagan’s career, she also delves deep to give inspiration and motivation to others; sharing how to stay hungry after reaching success. And she also speaks about her book, The Wait, which she co-author’s with her husband, DeVon Franklin.

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Why Men Are Intimidated By You

In the lifetime of every strong woman, there will be a man who finds them intimidating. Some will tell you directly that you’re “too much” for them, or that they’re “not good enough” for you, which is all code for them feeling like they cannot afford you; for one of many reasons.

YouTuber Breeny Lee discusses this topic in her latest video, where she breaks it down into three parts: you are intimidating, you are dating down and you are too expensive.

Make yourself a drink, put your feet up, and watch the video below. Share your thoughts, or experiences, with us in the comments section. We’d like to know if this video has been helpful to you!