Sydnee Leu How to Choose Yourself

Learn How To Choose Yourself First For Self-Care

Do you struggle with putting yourself first? Perhaps you’re a mother and your children have such busy schedules that you forget to take a break for yourself. Or maybe you’re a big sister that never knows how to say ‘no’ to her younger siblings. Whether you put others before yourself at home, or at work, we’re here to remind you that it’s ok to put yourself first. Not only is it ok, but it is vital!

Many people avoid putting themselves first out of fear that they will appear selfish. However, protecting your mental wellbeing is not selfish. It is a form of self care.

YouTuber Sydnee Leu discussed ‘How To: Choose Yourself’ in her video (below), after reading James Altucher’s ‘Choose Yourself’. She shared tips on how those who are always trying to please others, and do for others, need to establish some boundaries. It’s not fair that those who give the most to others are given the short end of the stick in return. But what you allow is what you will receive. If you want others to chose you, and care about your feelings like you care about theirs, firstly you must choose yourself.

There is nothing wrong with being a helpful and generous person. It’s a great trait to have. However, the most kindhearted people are often hurt the most as their kindness is sometimes taken as a weakness. And if boundaries aren’t put in place soon enough, those kindhearted people may get hurt so much that they decide not to be kind anymore. But being kind is a huge strength!

In order to keep that strength alive, we must be kind to, and choose, ourselves first. Then, we can help others. With our boundaries in place we can eliminate those that do not deserve our time and energy, and engage in mutual exchanges of kindness and care from those that also choose themselves—whilst choosing to keep their kind hearts in tact.

To learn some tips (and tricks) on how to put yourself first—without feeling guilty, watch Sydnee’s ‘How To: Choose Yourself’ video below.

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Halfietruths Kenya Raymer

Setting And Respecting Boundaries For Peace Of Mind

Ladies, it’s time for us to set some boundaries!

Boundaries allow us to accept into our lives what we deserve, whilst declining offerings of negativity. From the littlest boundary, to the biggest, it is important that we set as many boundaries as required to ensure that we are surrounded by love and light at all times. Are you the kind of person that never sets boundaries? Do you struggle to turn people down? Do you want to set boundaries but have no idea where to start? Well, there’s no need to worry about that anymore, as we have found some amazing tips for you.

Below is a video of Kenya Raymer, known as Halfie Truths, talking about setting and respecting boundaries. She is spreading a vital message to those that say ‘yes’, when they really want to say ‘no’, because they’re afraid of hurting the feelings of another person. Not only is it okay for people to set boundaries, and be willing to say ‘no’, but it is actually very important to do so. For the benefit of your mental and emotional well-being. And in this video, Kenya is letting us know just how important setting and respecting boundaries is.

Kenya reminds us of the value of our time, whilst teaching us how to put ourselves before others. After all, we can’t expect anybody else to care for us if we are not first taking care of ourselves. One of the great examples that she uses is when referring to an oxygen mask on an aeroplane. We must put our masks on first, before helping the person next to us put theirs on; even if next to us is a child, or an elderly person. That scenario is reflected in day-to-day society. We can’t help somebody else unless we have first helped our self. But many of us try to do that. And that can be emotionally draining, to say the least.

If you don’t feel like talking today, don’t talk. We must learn to never feel pressured into forgetting our boundaries because others expect us to be readily available at their beck and call. We are allowed to say ‘no’. We are allowed to say ‘not today’. We are allowed to decline an apology, and refuse to give people another chance to hurt us. In other words, we are allowed to set boundaries . And others must respect those boundaries. Especially those that want to be in our lives. A There is nothing wrong with protect your peace.

Watch Kenya talk about ‘Boundaries’ below for some tips on how to set some boundaries in your life. There is nothing wrong with protecting your peace. This should be a reminder to you.

Let us know your boundaries, and how enforcing them in your life has helped. If you enjoy, follow Kenya on Instagram to keep up with her self-care tips.