Keri Hilson - Silence The Shame

Silence The Shame: A Panel On Depression And Mental Health

Keri Hilson, Necole Kane, Shanti Das, and more open up on their battles with depression and mental health.

This panel gives a very insightful look into the minds of mental health and depression. From a singer, to a blogger, the guests vary and all share different views on their battles with the same mental illnesses. It is a comfortably uncomfortable conversation that will resonate with many, opening up wounds and patching them back together again.

Watch the video below to see the conversation. Let us know your thoughts on social media.

emilia ortiz bkmag

30 Second Therapy With Emilia Ortiz

We don’t all have the time to attend a therapy session, although it’s important that eventually we do find the time, as therapy is healing. Luckily, spiritual advisor Emilia Ortiz has compacted therapy into 30 seconds, to give you a little pick me up. Check it out in the video below, and share with those that may need it.

Therapy isn’t complete until you have paid forward what you have learned.

The Sister Mums

Get Involved In Our ‘Dear Younger Self’ Project!

We are looking for females (of all ages) to get involved in our ‘Dear Younger Self’ project.

‘Dear Younger Self’ is a project that The Sister Mums are working on, where we will be collecting as many letters/poems as possible to raise funds for charity. In order to get involved you must identify as female. The letter (or poem) must be between 300-1500 words, and touch on an experience (or period in life) where you once felt low, but are now able to see the brighter side of the situation. You could touch on multiple stages in life, multiple scenarios, or focus on just one. The deadline is August 1. 

Whether you’re a professional writer, or haven’t written anything in a while, we want your letters. We will edit the letters before publishing (fixing any spelling mistakes, but not deleting/changing your words), to remove any pressure that you feel to make your submission perfect. It’s your story, and there’s no wrong way to express it. Please don’t be worried to share your story.

There is an option to be anonymous, however we would prefer names, or nicknames. Still, no pressure.

Our aim is to publish the letters to help females heal from their pasts, whilst giving a positive voice to young girls worldwide, that feel like they’re not being heard. We’ve been there, and probably done that, and it’s important to ensure young ladies are aware that they are not alone. Whilst we remind ourselves of the same thing. Including a few tips on how to get to the brighter side of the tunnel. And a final reminder that females are so strong!

To get involved, contact @TheSisterMums on Twitter, or Instagram, to request the email address to send submissions to.