Career, goals and dealing with rumours: with Maya Jama & Elz The Witch

DJ, Presenter, and all-around cool girl Maya Jama sits down with Elz The Witch on the latest episode of JD In The Duffle Bag to talk about her career journey, from moving to London at 16, to achieving all of her childhood goals and setting new ones.

This interview is so insightful, especially for those who wish to start a career in the entertainment industry, but also can be applied to many other walks of life. From ignoring rumours started by media to overcoming experiencing her worst nightmares, Maya bares it all with Elz as they both exude ultimate Girl Power!

Check out the interview below, and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

20 Affirmations - Zen

20 Daily Affirmations You Need To Know

Every day should start with an affirmation. Affirmations should be put in place to remind you of your capabilities. You are able to be whoever you dream of being, and by affirming your purpose, you create your future the way you wish for it to be. Here are 20 daily affirmations that you can use to start your days.

1 – Today I choose to celebrate myself. This is my life and I am living it the way I wish to. The world is filled with things that I could be sad about, but I am making a conscious choice to observe the blessing of me, and dismiss the sadness. I am not here by accident and I have a purpose to fulfil. I am thankful for every opportunity I am to be rewarded with. I deserve to give myself a chance.

2 – Today I choose to embrace my individuality. There is no one else in the world like me and that is amazing. My journey was crafted specifically for me and I will stay in my own lane, without trying to join anyone else’s. Others have what they have because it has been written for them, and what has been written for me is coming to me in divine timing. There is something that I have right now that others wish for, as others have things now that I wish for. We are all awaiting blessings. We are all on a track to the same place, but we are on different roads. It is not a race. I am in competition with nobody.

3 – Today I choose to practice good manners and show gratitude. I will send thank you’s to the source of my highest beliefs for everything. I am going to show my appreciation for everything that people do for me, even if it their actions are expected. I remember to expect nothing, because nothing is owed to me. All that I am given is gifted to me and for those gifts I must give thanks.

4 – Today I choose to be aware. Aware of everything around me. I will smell flowers and smile at strangers. I will spend less time staring at my phone and more time talking to my loved ones. I am living, not existing. I am embracing all of my surroundings and enjoying the beauty that is life.

5 – Today I choose to dream. Life is so fast and it is very easy for me to get lost in what I have to do, and not what I want to do. I’m going to think about who I want to be, and what I need to do to make my dreams come true. Before today is over, I will have a plan of action on how to get one step closer to my dream.

6 – Today I choose to find light in all of my darkness. This is the day of the purge. I will revisit my darkest moments that are hurting me deep down, and I will find a positive in every negative. If I feel failed at thinking of something nice to say about what I went through, then my default positive note to self is: “I made it through that experience to see another day, which means that I gave myself a chance to heal. I am grateful for my chances”.

7 – Today I choose to find happiness in my gestures, regardless of my circumstances. I will do something selfless and give to someone in need. I will put my time, energy and love into a gift with an aim to bring happiness to another. I will feel gratitude in the fact that I am able to give to another and I will not dwell on what I do, or do not, have. Today is not about what is wrong in my life, it is about making something right in the life of another.

8 – Today I choose to make a change. The pressures I feel against me are a result of my soul rejecting what is not for me. I will not fight against it. Instead, I will allow myself to naturally be rerouted onto my rightful lane. The destination hasn’t changed but my method of transport has. I embrace the change.

9 – Today I choose to show love. I will reach out to those that I love and let them know what they mean to me, including those that I am not seeing eye to eye with. Life is too short and tomorrow isn’t promised. I will remove the burden of regret for those that I care about, including myself, that would be a result of unspoken I love you’s. Today I am loving.

10 – Today I choose kindness. My doubts and insecurities about myself and others are unkind. I refuse to let negativity act as a reflection of myself. I will not receive unkind comments from those external to my being. I will not develop internal cruelties about myself. I am aware that I am rare and amazing in my entirety. I am kind.

11 – Today I choose to face my fears. There is something that I have been avoiding due to the fear of things not working out in my favour. I will not be able to receive my blessings if I avoid the hurdles in front of me. I will not be afraid. I will take the first step forward and stand tall as I face my challenges. I am not scared.

12 – Today I choose to understand. I am not incapable of understanding the information that I have received. I am listening and I am observing thoroughly. This is not a mistake. Everything that is happening is happening for a reason; and I know what that reason is. I am not ignorant. I am not a victim. Nothing is happening to me. I will allow my intuition to lead me to being able to understand my circumstances. My intuition will not fail me. My intuition is my higher self. My higher self has the answer. I have the answer.

13 – Today I choose to be calm. I will make time for meditation and prayer. I will not respond to negativity. I will not be taken out of my character. I will not be bothered about what should not concern me. I will absorb peace and exude peace with every breath that I take. I am not anxious. I am not stressed. My mind is quiet and external noise cannot harm my relaxed being.

14 – Today I choose to enjoy myself. I will not make excuses as to why I cannot be happy. I will remember my happy moments and reminisce on my favourite things. My favourite colours, my favourite scents, my favourite stories and my favourite places. Today I will create another favourite memory, as I choose enjoyment over sorrow.

15 – Today I choose education. My purpose includes making a change in the world. I will not be able to fulfil that purpose without education. What I learn today may not be for me. I will not be selfish and closed-minded to learning what is being taught to me. I will be a student of life today, in order to enable myself to share my newfound knowledge with others. Good students make good teachers. Today I prepare to be a good teacher.

16 – Today I choose to be healthy. I will be healthy mentally, spiritually and physically. I will drink more water. I will eat clean. I will steer clear of gossip. I will exercise. I will sweat out the negative toxins that have consumed me. I will rise early and have a productive day. I will treat myself to an early night, pampering myself before I lay my head. Today I will not allow any illness of the mind, spirit or physical to prevail. I am the embodiment of good health and sickness does not live here.

17 – Today I choose to fight for what I want. Nothing worth having comes easy. I will not be lazy or halfhearted. I will work harder. I will stay focused. I will say how I feel to those I feel for. I will stand up for what I believe in. I will not let today pass without standing up for myself.

18 – Today I choose to appreciate life. I am awake and I am breathing. I have lived to see a new day and it shall not go wasted. I am thankful for life. I will show gratitude to the most high. The power of love is invested in me. I am aware that life is a blessing and I am privileged to be here. Life has been granted to me and I will remain appreciative for the gift of living.

19 – Today I choose to let my soul dance. I will reflect on my past traumas and those of my ancestors. I will remember that I deserve to dance. I will create my own music in my mind and my soul will not stand still. The blood that pumps through my veins is the base blasting through my inner speakers. The world may be loud but my soundtrack is louder. I will not stop dancing.

20 – Today I choose to clear my mind. I will remove clutter from my surroundings. I will clean and organise. I will write a list, on paper, and complete the tasks that I assign myself. Today I am not flowing carelessly. I am flowing carefully. I am freeing myself from confusion. My plate is unnecessarily full. I am removing everything unhealthy that is being fed to me. I am on a clear mind diet. I am cleansing.

Do you have any affirmations that help you get through your days? Share them with us in the comments, and let us know if this list of 20 daily affirmations helps you.

Hi haters the real

Should Your Haters Motivate You?

Yes they should, and here’s why…

We all have haters, whether we’re aware of them or not. Haters aren’t assigned to each individual based on how nasty, or nice, we are. That would be too easy. Instead, they come out of the blue, when a hater is having the blues, with the intention of bringing us down to their level.

Do you know who your haters are? You may, or may not, as haters fluctuate, and your hater today may be your biggest support tomorrow. In fact, your hater today could be the lady on the train that had to move her bags off the seat so that you could sit down. She probably went and told the friend she was meeting how much you ruined her day, when all you wanted to do was have a seat. Another hater could be your partner who didn’t seem happy for you when you got the promotion that you worked hard for. They’re not happy for you because they’re still in the same unpleasant job role that they’ve had for years, and instead of celebrating your success, they choose to belittle your achievement. There are so many forms that a hater could come in, but one thing they all have in common is that they’re watching you.

Please don’t confuse haters with honest critics, and straight to the point advisors. There’s a big difference between a brutally honest friend that warns you to stop going back to your abusive partner, to protect you, and a hater friend that tries to split you up from your amazing partner because their relationship failed, and they want you to be single too. The signs are everywhere, and if you just pay attention you’ll be able to spot the differences.

Now we get the gist of what a hater is, or could be, let’s talk about haters being our motivation. Motivation is a reason for behaving in a particular way, and here we’re questioning whether our haters should be a reason for our actions.

The simple answer is yes (to an extent). Haters stands for: Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. If people hate you then there’s a strong possibility that you’re doing something right, and that they’re jealous (or angry). There’s a thin line between love and hate, and when someone loves to hate you then that immediately makes them a fan of you. They spend their time watching what you’re doing, talking about you behind your back and harbouring negative feelings about you. It takes a lot of energy to do all of that for someone that you don’t care about, meaning that they’re taking a lot of focus away from their self to focus on you. It’s a fan!

When people are our haters it’s easy to feel disheartened, and try to change their opinions of us to better ones, but the truth is: our haters already know how amazing we are. They probably know it more than we do at times, and that’s why they’re so bothered. They can see our greatness, our potential, and the way that others love us, and instead of joining the club, they’re hating from outside. We are so special that even those that don’t cheer for us are paying attention, and that should motivate us to keep on going!

If we keep going our haters will do one out of two things: they’ll either continue to be mad, or they’ll fall in line and start to support you. Either way, you’re still amazing, and people are still paying attention. So what are you going to do with this attention? Are you going to make the most of it and execute those ideas that you’ve turned into plans? Or are you going to be disheartened and hide away because there may be someone out there that doesn’t like you? The choice is yours, and it’s a big one to make.

Our advice is: let your haters motivate you to keep pushing forward, and make your true supporters proud. You’re already successful, and you already have people watching (fans). Utilise what you have, and keep on going!

The Pressure Trap heather Lindsey

Breaking Free From ‘The Pressure Trap’ Of Society To Be Who You’re Destined To Be

Do you currently feel stressed out and pressured about your life, or an aspect of it? Do people expect you to be someone that you’re not? Do you feel torn between God and your loved ones? If you’re currently struggling with societies expectations of who you should be then The Pressure Trap is for you.

Heather Lindsey exposes how to be free from the pressures of society so that you can do what God has called you to do at the fullest of your abilities. Choose not to get caught in the trap of being pressured by this world, by breaking free to do what God has called you to do. The Pressure Trap will give you the guidance required to take the necessary steps to break free.

In this book, Heather tackles being pressured for those who are single, married, parents, struggling with family pressure and battling issues in their work life. And so much more!

You can purchase The Pressure Trap on Pinky Promise Boutique or Amazon.

Let us know what makes you feel pressured, and also tell us if you’ve read The Pressure Trap and how it’s helped you. If you enjoy, follow Heather on Instagram to keep up with all of her endeavours!