How Yris Palmer Started ‘Star Lash’

Star Lash is a popular, and ever-expanding, lash extension company founded by CEO Yris Palmer. From gaining experience in London, opening stores in Los Angeles and working with celebrity clients, Yris has grown her business successfully and in this video she shares just how she got things started. If you’re interested in starting a lash business, or a business in general, check out Yris’ video … Continue reading How Yris Palmer Started ‘Star Lash’

Feminine Hygiene

Feminine Hygiene With Aliyah Maria Bee

Feminine hygiene is very important, however some of us don’t have mothers or sisters to properly advise us on how to keep our private areas clean, how diet affects our body odours, and more. In this video, YouTuber, influencer and business owner, Aliyah Maria Bee, sits down with beautician Vanessa to discuss all things feminine hygiene. From waxing to how to clean your vagina, the … Continue reading Feminine Hygiene With Aliyah Maria Bee