About Us

The Sister Mums is founded by three females, a pair of sisters and a best friend, that had an idea to create a safe space for young girls, and the women that came before them. Women aren’t given the respect that they truly deserve in society, which sends a detrimental message to the young ladies that follow in their footsteps. However, women shape the world—The Sister Mums are here to remind you. 

After 8 years of planning, and experiencing all that life throws their way, Dayna, Liss, and Vicky have decided to launch The Sister Mums website. This site will act as a platform for the voices of females, around the world, to be heard—with no judgment or stigma attached. By sharing their own personal struggles of being misunderstood, and being caught up in street life, to being diagnosed with a lifelong chronic illness, and to losing children, The Sister Mums hope to inspire other females to do the same. Females everywhere are invited to join the sisterhood of The Sister Mums.

Our Mission?

Our mission is to create bonds between women, and young girls, where society attempts to cause a divide. Every female is powerful, with the ability to be anything that they wish, and we intend to create a safe environment for females to be exactly who they are, with none of societies added pressures. Stories will be shared, and females will be educated, as they join forces on this platform of sisterhood.

It takes a village to raise a Queen, and a village of Queen’s to change the world. The Sister Mums aim to be both the village to raise a Queen, and the village full of Queen’s. We are the sisters, and mothers, that so many females are searching for, and our mission is to ensure that no girl, or woman, gets left behind. We care, even when it seems like nobody does. Together, we will change the world for women, and girls, everywhere.

Are We A Charity?

We are in the process of registering our non-profit charitable organisation, The Sister Mums, which will enable us to provide workshops, events, trips, and education packs for young girls. Whilst our charity is going through the registration process, we are accepting donations, that will go directly to the charity. Click here to donate.