Africa volunteer

Tia Is Going To Volunteer In Africa!


Meet Tia, a qualified mobile beautician based in Birmingham, UK. Aside from her career, she also has a passion for philanthropy which includes volunteering with those less fortunate.

After her dream experience in Thailand, in 2016, she has decided to travel to South Africa for 2 months to volunteer. She will be spending her Christmas volunteering with young children who have lost their parents to crime, alcohol/drug abuse and sexually transmitted diseases. The young children have been left with relatives, and neighbours, who often do not have the means to care for the children properly, and Tia has decided to get involved and help.

Tia will be volunteering in a childcare centre, supporting the staff who are unable to consistently give their attention to the children. She will also be supporting staff at a holiday camp.

As this is a voluntary mission, Tia will not be paid, nor does she expect to be. To her, it is about the experience, and knowing that she has made a difference in a young persons life. With that being said, she is fundraising for her flight and for educational books/toys for the children. She is only asking for small donations to contribute to her trip, to enable her to help as many children as possible. Whether you can donate £1 or £10, every penny counts.

In return for the donations, she will be uploading videos and pictures of the experience for donaters to see where the money has gone, and how grateful she imagines the children will be.

Tia didn’t ask for donations when she went to Thailand, but after that experience, she wants to share her passion for helping those less fortunate with others. By donating, you are helping contribute to changing the lives of not only children, but also Tia.

Click here to donate to Tia’s fundraising page, as she needs to raise as much funds towards her goal by the beginning of October. She is grateful for every donation, and thanks contributors in advance.

Lets help Tia volunteer in Africa!

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