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Should Your Haters Motivate You?

Yes they should, and here’s why…

We all have haters, whether we’re aware of them or not. Haters aren’t assigned to each individual based on how nasty, or nice, we are. That would be too easy. Instead, they come out of the blue, when a hater is having the blues, with the intention of bringing us down to their level.

Do you know who your haters are? You may, or may not, as haters fluctuate, and your hater today may be your biggest support tomorrow. In fact, your hater today could be the lady on the train that had to move her bags off the seat so that you could sit down. She probably went and told the friend she was meeting how much you ruined her day, when all you wanted to do was have a seat. Another hater could be your partner who didn’t seem happy for you when you got the promotion that you worked hard for. They’re not happy for you because they’re still in the same unpleasant job role that they’ve had for years, and instead of celebrating your success, they choose to belittle your achievement. There are so many forms that a hater could come in, but one thing they all have in common is that they’re watching you.

Please don’t confuse haters with honest critics, and straight to the point advisors. There’s a big difference between a brutally honest friend that warns you to stop going back to your abusive partner, to protect you, and a hater friend that tries to split you up from your amazing partner because their relationship failed, and they want you to be single too. The signs are everywhere, and if you just pay attention you’ll be able to spot the differences.

Now we get the gist of what a hater is, or could be, let’s talk about haters being our motivation. Motivation is a reason for behaving in a particular way, and here we’re questioning whether our haters should be a reason for our actions.

The simple answer is yes (to an extent). Haters stands for: Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. If people hate you then there’s a strong possibility that you’re doing something right, and that they’re jealous (or angry). There’s a thin line between love and hate, and when someone loves to hate you then that immediately makes them a fan of you. They spend their time watching what you’re doing, talking about you behind your back and harbouring negative feelings about you. It takes a lot of energy to do all of that for someone that you don’t care about, meaning that they’re taking a lot of focus away from their self to focus on you. It’s a fan!

When people are our haters it’s easy to feel disheartened, and try to change their opinions of us to better ones, but the truth is: our haters already know how amazing we are. They probably know it more than we do at times, and that’s why they’re so bothered. They can see our greatness, our potential, and the way that others love us, and instead of joining the club, they’re hating from outside. We are so special that even those that don’t cheer for us are paying attention, and that should motivate us to keep on going!

If we keep going our haters will do one out of two things: they’ll either continue to be mad, or they’ll fall in line and start to support you. Either way, you’re still amazing, and people are still paying attention. So what are you going to do with this attention? Are you going to make the most of it and execute those ideas that you’ve turned into plans? Or are you going to be disheartened and hide away because there may be someone out there that doesn’t like you? The choice is yours, and it’s a big one to make.

Our advice is: let your haters motivate you to keep pushing forward, and make your true supporters proud. You’re already successful, and you already have people watching (fans). Utilise what you have, and keep on going!

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